Rainforest Plants – Catuaba

Loved ones: Erythroxylaceae

Genus: Erythroxylum

Species: catuaba

Common Names: Catuaba, cataguá, chuchuhuasha, tatuaba, pau de reposta, caramuru, piratançara, angelim-rosa, catiguá

Standard Description: Catuaba is a medium-sized tree identified in the Amazon rainforest in the northern part of Brazil. It is small and vigorous, with yellow and orange trumpet-shaped flowers and modest yellow oval-shaped inedible fruit. Catuaba is often misspelled as catauba or catawba.

Makes use of: Catuaba is most frequently available as a tincture. Catuaba is generally consumed as a tea made from the bark of this little shrub. It is thought to calm overactive neurotransmitters. Catuaba is mentioned to relieve insomnia, specifically when relevant to nervous debility, and it also considered to relieve melancholy, emotional tension and hypochondria. Some have touted Catuaba as a principal remedy for AIDS it is actually not recommended as a main treatment for AIDS, but fairly as a protection from opportunistic infection.

Catuaba is possibly the greatest identified aphrodisiac in tribal drugs. Though utilized traditionally by equally men and ladies, it is primarily useful in the treatment of impotence and Prostatitis. Catuaba is intended to have a cumulative extended time period impact very first signaled by erotic desires, and adopted by elevated sexual want. TUPI TEA is very powerful for the male sexual organs since it will increase circulation and libido. This herb is regarded an “innocent” aphrodisiac, indicating no adverse side-results have been noted in its use.

Catuaba (pronounced with emphasis on the final syllable) is 1 of the most renowned of Brazilian herbs, acknowledged to the indigenous Tupi Indians as the ‘tree of love’ or the ‘tree of togetherness’. The Catuaba herb has been traditionally utilised by natives in the Amazon in mix with muira puama. Catuaba and muirapuama, two widespread trees increasing broadly throughout the Amazon river basin, enjoy generations of secure, successful use as aphrodisiacs.

Catuaba is gentle and immensely calming, a soothing organic tea to consume at the finish of a non-cease day.
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